These are some questions that we asked one of our brides so that future brides can be guided to avoid confusion and resolve their doubts:

.My husband and I loved Mexico and we decided on this country because of our adoration for it.

We found it doing an extensive online search in different parts of the Mexican Caribbean. But, I was not looking for the typical wedding carried out in a large hotel in Cancun where they are all the same, since they do not have authenticity, and they do not identify the couple themselves and what they really want.

Therefore, we did not want the typical wedding package where you cannot decide what you really want, so we wanted something personalized by ourselves.

We arrived late, but the makeup and hair was already coordinated and organized, so they accommodated even though we did not arrive on time. But, Sofia the boss and person in charge of the wedding organization served us snacks and drinks.

Then they did my and friends makeup and hair while the other guests were photographed, so the time management worked perfectly.

On the other hand, I was scared that my fiancé would see me, but the room they gave me had a very good location, and he didn’t see me. In addition, the welcome cocktails were delicious and were perfect since the weather was very hot on my wedding day.

It was also very easy to work with Sofía, because she asked us what we wanted, our preferences and tastes, since she had everything under control.

We had special details which I loved, since in a resort I was not going to have them, for example I loved the way the tables were decorated and placed, the photoshoot they made for us.

I think we chose an elegant and classic style, since we decided to use a neutral color palette.

I am a professional weeding gowns, since I used to sell wedding dresses.

Therefore, for years before I was engaged I had tried slow wedding dresses, so I already had an idea of what I was looking for, and I found my dress in a store where I used to work, so it was a special and amazing moment.

I took my decision on the dress that I liked the most and I felt comfortable wearing and I did not let myself be influenced by the venue, since the work staff was going to ask me if I was going to do it on the beach or in Mexico, and they were going to suggest that I wear something lightweight.

So, I recommend that you be guided by your perspective and tastes.

Emily – destination wedding bride

I think my favorite moment of the wedding was walking back the aisle when we had already been pronounced as wife and husband.

Except that after saying our vows and finishing the ceremony the weather got awful, and it started raining. But, their work team managed everything in an organized way, since we were supposed to have tables outside, but they controlled it very well and moved everything inside.

They also had air conditioning, which was perfect for the climate of the wedding.

Another of my favorite moments of the wedding was the first dance with my husband, it was beautiful.

Emily – destination wedding bride

I recommend that the future brides have total confidence in Sofia which is the manager of the place, since she is capable of solving any problem that gets in your way.

We had excellent service at dinner time, the cake was delicious and beautiful and the food excellent and tasty.

Therefore, I totally recommend their services.

Besides, in the evening, the after-wedding party was amazing and super fun!

In this way, you should add all the extras they offer!

Their photography is terrific, they took epic photos of us and our wedding video was stunning!

Therefore, hiring a videographer is the best idea you can have! Because you can relive the moments you lived.

Emily – destination wedding bride

Get married in blue venado and enjoy being relaxed without having to worry about anything!


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