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Getting Ready

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Getting Ready

The Beggining of the wedding day

What’s a getting ready ? and what you should know about it.

For a Bride, Getting ready is a unique morning,

the begging of a magical day. Your wedding so is ready to shine.

Usually the getting ready can be with your bridesmaids, MOB, and maybe mom and sisters, check out the size of the room to see if they will be enough space for all.

Talk to your MUA artist to check how much time will take per person or per the entire group, in my point to view you don’t want to be the first, but either the last one in case they take a bit more time was expected.

Remember that they may be a long period of time until you get something to eat, I suggest a light kind of Brunch so you can offer them some fruit, juice, and maybe even some bagels or chips, nothing too heavy, just to keep the day going after all if you do a 5 pm ceremony you will really need something to keep going

Maybe so many emotions in the day and the thirst for the celebration of some can drive you to drink early, my suggestion is to keep it smooth … you don’t want to get to the ceremony halfway lol!

Your photographer will be capturing the details so have ready maybe, the rings, the shoes, save the date invitation or any special item to being part of your getting ready photos.

Some brides enjoy having robes for all the bridesmaid team I personally love that idea.

Enjoy is just the beginning of the day.




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