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I met Luisa through email, we shared some drink ideas, I had the pleasure of meeting AIMEE MONIHAN as well. Founder, Owner, Design Director of Tropical, and mountain occasions. Everything seemed to be going according to plan when suddenly a tropical storm with the potential to become a hurricane caused an alert in the Caribbean. Aimee immediately contacted vendors and I contacted our Food and Beverage Staff, anticipating a wedding may seem like something that will definitely not be fun, but honestly working hand in hand with this great team was incredible! We all ran, changed plans, and rushed to make Luisa’s wedding the dream she had a reality without having to be in the middle of a storm. Advancing the wedding was the right decision, thanks to Aimee and the rest of the team who made this day a memorable one.


I mention some of the providers involved in this wonderful day Vanessa Jaimes floral designer with an incredible career in the Mayan riviera, who also gave her a beautiful setting for the little ones with a fascinating and innovative Rebel bloom style Daniela Parra from the archive with dream furniture Raw shoots who surprised us with their incredible passion and determination to obtain the best photographs of Luisa and Westin.


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