Frequently Asked Questions Of Wedding Bridesmaids

How did you decide the destination of your wedding?

My husband Robert and I are from different states in the United States, but neither of us wanted to have it in either location.

However, we live in Los Angeles, so all of our guests had to travel anyway. None of us knew the Riviera Maya, but I started researching different countries. Finally, we settled on Mexico and through my extensive online search I found Blue Venado.

Also, we wanted a private wedding without even considering a hotel as an option. Therefore, when we found Blue Venado, we could see that it was beautiful, very reserved, and everything I needed for my wedding was there. We did not have to continue traveling, because the resort we were staying was near their location, which I thought was excellent, since we already had a long trip to Mexico.

On the other hand, when I met Sofía, the head in charge of planning the wedding, I felt a great connection, she seemed amazing, and I trusted her from our first meeting. She facilitated the entire organization even though we were not present for much of the time preparedness process due to the pandemic. But, we managed to get there before the wedding took place.

I can say we were accommodated pleasantly!

“Let yourself be delighted by the beauties of Blue Venado on your wedding day”

What was your favorite part of the wedding?

My favorite part was marrying Robert, because I was fascinated by the ceremony as it is beautiful to see all the work and planning that we did where all the details came out so beautifully.

Also, the surprises they gave us and especially the father-daughter dance.

Likewise, the bridesmaid surprised me with a dance that represented my entire journey through dance from my beginnings until today.

“Love comes into our lives and what better way to start your love story in the Riviera Maya”

Where did your guests stay at the Riviera Maya?

All of our guests stayed at the Barcelo Riviera Maya hotel. I sincerely recommend it, because none of our guests had any problems, and they had an incredible time. Also, it was close to Blue Venado.

Likewise, I agreed with Sofía about the resort since they have a great service and also let us do the wedding rehearsal inside the hotel. They were very flexible when letting Sofía and her workers enter, who were essential for the preparation of the wedding.

On the other hand, the transportation from the airport to the hotel was excellent.

Enjoy with your family & friends”

In general, what would you recommend or give any tips for the bride’s destination wedding here in the Riviera Maya?

First, I would say choose Blue Venado because its workers are very efficient and make sure that every detail of the wedding is unique and magical.

In addition, the communication with Sofía was perfect and without a doubt she has everything you can look for to carry out the wedding of your dreams.

In this way, I loved so many aspects of my celebration such as getting married in front of the Caribbean Sea and the tables in the cocktails’ hour were stunning, since it made all the guests feel comfortable.

Besides, I would recommend that after the wedding celebration, you spend more time for your honeymoon to enjoy alone with your loved one.

As a last tip, try not to stress about the details on your wedding day, because there is going to be something that it will not turn perfect at the end. But, you just have to continue without worrying about it, since at the end of the day everything will be fine.

Try to find moments to connect with your partner during your wedding night, since you have all your family around you, many friends, and they want your attention.

But, make sure to give it to your husband as well, because it is his special day between the two of you!

“A wedding is first dreamed, then celebrated and finally remembered”