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Welcome cocktails Vs His & Hers Cocktails

Maybe you are wondering so what´s the difference between them ¨welcome cocktail? Signature cocktail? How do I select the correct one for my wedding?

For a welcome cocktail especially if you are getting married in a private venue, that probably took at least 10 minutes on the transportation to get to the venue, so people will be willing to take anything you offer :).

Do you mind then having alcohol before the ceremony?, or would you prefer to have something whit no alcohol if so AGUAS FRESCAS can be a great option here in the Riviera Maya, this flavored water is a great option a fresh lime and mint water, a horchata is also a great option (is like a milk flavor so if your guest don´t know this flavor maybe they will be just a few adventurous that want that, so if you are going to select Aguas Frescas as a welcome drink I suggest to do it not in water stations, they can be served by the waiter in the entrance to the venue.

If you say yes to the alcohol a great start can be a spicy margarita, so we are in Mexico and the best way to receive it to our guests is with Tequila, you can select one of your Fav fruit and make it a Margarita. Ask your wedding planner about the options, on the picture below we did a guayaba Marartita for a welcome cocktail and also as a signature cocktail.