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Sofia Garcia Weddings


But the true question is: Why not get married in the Riviera Maya?

This paradisiacal place is full of a great diversity of coasts that have unforgettable and beautiful beach landscapes next to a crystalline turquoise sea.

Blue venado private paradise in the riviera Maya

If you want to have the wedding of your dreams and exceed your expectations, this is the perfect place to join together and create that unique and special bond of love with your partner.

What benefits do we have to offer you?

Being the main destination for weddings in Latin America, the services for the planning of these events are to highlight its excellence. In this way, you can order us from the invitations as well as the banquet, clothing, brunch, transportation, photography, music, decoration, flower arrangements and everything that has to do with aesthetics for the bride and her guests, be it makeup or hairdressing.

We are one of the states of Mexico with the most tourism nationwide, therefore we are experts in customer service solving any type of doubt or problem that may arise, since meeting your needs and fulfilling your wishes is one of our priorities.

Besides, our international luxury accommodations, wide and good quality gastronomy, cultural diversity and natural environments will open the doors to a new and incredible experiences that will surprise you day by day.

Live one of the best moments of your life by enjoying an unmatched and magical wedding!

Star Your Love Story With Us